Unvented Cylinders

Unvented Cylinders

Most homes in the UK work with a combi boiler – one unit that takes care of both the central heating and the hot water. However that’s not always suitable, especially if your home has multiple bathrooms. In some cases you’re better with a separate hot water cylinder.

There are two types of hot water cylinder – vented and unvented. Unvented cylinders are a lot smaller, and are therefore suited to homes that have high hot water demand but don’t have the space to store a large water tank.

Unvented cylinders draw their water from the mains, and so if your mains water is ever switched off then you’ll only have whatever hot water is left in the tank until the mains water is up and running again. If you go for a vented cylinder you’d have a much larger reserve of hot water.

At TBQ Gas we can repair or service your unvented hot water cylinder whenever you need it. We’ve got plenty of experience in dealing with unvented hot water cylinder problems and can quickly diagnose any problems, or identify future issues during a routine service. We’ll make sure you aren’t left without hot water for any longer than necessary.

We can also offer unvented hot water cylinder installation. We can manage like-for-like replacements if your old cylinder has worn down, or we can convert your heating system if you want to change – for example, if you’ve built an extension with an extra bathroom, or if you want to remove your larger hot water tank to free up some extra space.

Unvented hot water cylinder costs tend to be higher than vented hot water cylinders, as they’re more intricate. However that will depend on the specific details of your property and the installation required, so let us know if you’re looking to have a new cylinder installed and we can evaluate the job upfront to give you a fantastic quote.

We’re based in Preston and Bolton and cover the whole of the North West. For more information about unvented boilers and hot water cylinder installations, repairs or servicing just give us a call.

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