Commercial LPG Gas Services

LPG Gas Services

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has a number of commercial uses where a mains gas network either isn’t available or isn’t suited to the job. And just like any other gas appliance, you’ll need to make sure your LPG installations are properly serviced and maintained.

LPG can be used for heating and cooking, and is very popular with businesses such as pubs and restaurants that are in more rural locations. It’s also ideal for mobile snack vans that need a reliable source of fuel to provide catering.

LPG also has many industrial uses. Some furnaces and incinerators will be powered by LPG and run off huge tanks, while forklift trucks sometimes make use of LPG to power their mechanisms, which makes it an essential fuel for everyday use in many factory settings.

Another of the most popular uses of commercial LPG is for holidays parks. Caravans and lodges are almost always powered using LPG and, for those properties owned by the holiday park, it makes sense to partner with a registered LPG gas safe engineer to carry out regular testing.

Whatever your business uses LPG for, as a commercial entity you are legally required to carry out gas safety inspections every year to ensure they are safe to use. At TBQ Gas we’re able to provide you with a gas safety certificate for your commercial business in the North West, working out of our bases in Preston and Bolton.

We can also offer new installations. If your business would benefit from LPG then we can visit your site and give you a quote on adding an LPG tank, including all the necessary fittings to get it hooked up to your new appliances.

Whether you need your existing LPG installations serviced or repaired, or you’re considering new commercial LPG installations to help drive your business forward, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a quote for our professional and efficient services.

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