LPG Gas Services for Catering

LPG for Catering

Mobile catering is a huge industry, and has grown far beyond the traditional burger van. Nowadays there are mobile caterers offering all kinds of cuisine from around the world, serving customers at festivals, weddings, corporate events and more. And the traditional lunchtime burger van does still exist too.

All of these businesses require LPG gas to run. Mobile electric supplies aren’t sufficient to provide the cooking power you need, and so LPG is the most effective and transportable fuel source that you can use anywhere. At TBQ Gas, we specialise in LPG gas works for mobile caterers.

If you’re setting up your business and converting a trailer, we can install your LPG gas supply for you. We’ll make sure it’s built professionally so that it can handle your requirements and is safe to use, as well as ensuring it’s easy for you to replace the canister when needed. We can also offer repairs and can react quickly, so you don’t have to worry about missing that booking because of a faulty grill or cooker.

It’s important that you have your LPG appliances serviced annually too. LPG, when not looked after properly, is a dangerous gas. If you don’t make sure that your appliances are up to scratch, you could end up with a serious accident, as over time connections can wear down. We can service your LPG catering van to ensure that your supply is working as it should and that no essential repairs are due.

We cover the whole of the North West from our bases in Preston and Bolton, and can get to you fast if you’ve an LPG emergency. If you want to know more about how we can help mobile caterers with LPG installation and servicing, just give us a call.

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