Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

If you own any commercial properties or premises that have a gas appliance, then you are legally bound to have a gas safety certificate. Based in Preston and Bolton and covering the whole of the North West, we are commercial gas engineers that can carry out full safety checks and provide you with a legal commercial gas safety certificate.

Gas appliances covers anything which uses gas – so it may be your commercial boiler or central heating system, gas catering equipment, or anything specialist equipment your business uses that is powered by gas.

The law dictates that your gas appliances, fittings and flues must all be checked every year. You’ll have a two month window from 10-12 months after the last deadline date in which to book an engineer to carry out the work. If you are late then you could face hefty fines and even prison sentences as a penalty.

Gas safety checks involve looking at the supply pipes and fittings, ensuring there are no obstructions and that all valves and seals are intact and show no signs of wear. Once complete, the gas safety certificate will show you a list of all the fittings and appliances that have been checked, along with any safety concerns highlighted. It’s then your responsibility to ensure those concerns are addressed. If you fail to do so, and there is an accident caused by the neglected appliance, you are liable and could be taken to court.

As well as these checks, you also need to maintain the gas fittings in your commercial property. This means a full service as recommended by the appliance manufacturer, ensuring that they are properly cleaned and checked over on a regular basis to prevent them from failing.

At TBQ Gas we can help with all of your commercial gas needs including safety checks and the issuing of commercial gas safety certificates. Whether it’s emergency call outs or routine servicing, give us a call for a quote.

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