About Us


At TBQ Gas, we are all about providing a professional and efficient service to look after your home or business. With our many years of experience, we’ve built up a reputation as being experts in all aspects of gas engineering and plumbing, as well as being a company you can rely on for a fair and competitive price.

A large part of this is down to our clear, transparent rates. With many gas engineer companies, you can only get a quote once you’ve handed over your details, or you’ve already incurred a callout charge. We’ve never understood why that’s the case, which is why we simply put our prices on display on our website. Then you’ll know, at a glance, how much we’re likely to charge you for the work you need.

It’s that honest, upfront approach that customers love. We want to make things as simple as possible for you. We’ll quickly evaluate your project or emergency, and make sure you fully understand the work we’re carrying out. If you need a new boiler or part, we’ll explain in straight-forward terms why we recommend a certain option, but then we’ll happily listen to you if you’ve an alternative preference.

We also work hard to cater for any job. While we spend a lot of time taking on more ‘standard’ tasks of boiler serving, repairs and installation and plumbing work for homes and commercial properties, we’ll also carry out LPG work for canal boats, mobile catering vans, caravan parks and so on. Whatever you need, give us a call and we’ll everything we can to sort it quickly.

So, whatever your plumbing or gas engineering job, wherever you are in the North West, and whether it’s planned work or an emergency that you need help with immediately, we’re here to help. And, we’ll do it professionally, efficiently and without trying to hide how much we’ll charge.

COVID-19 Information

We're always here for emergencies. But if there's anyone in your home who's shielding, self-isolating or has COVID-19 symptoms, we can't offer non-urgent appointments – like service visits – until official guidance changes.

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